advent #4 and the beach hut dancing ladies...

I was wondering what to write for a minute...all my advent posts have had 'new traditions' as a theme, but the closer we get to the big day the more I'm falling back in love with my old and treasured festive routines.

Then it struck me! Blogging...
I discovered the blog world back in January and then started this one in February so this will be my first 'Beach Hut' Christmas.

It has been incredibly enjoyable and I've met oodles of charming, delightful people. I've also discovered that I love to waffle... so much so that I've promised myself a creative writing class in the New Year, just for fun.

So, thank you my wonderful, bloggy friends...
Wishing you the best of everything this Christmas and I can't wait to catch up with you all in the New Year.

'Beach Hut' over and out....


  1. Roger roger Beach Hut - hope you can still hear me. Have a great warm christmas won't you. Feel pity for us poor shivering souls over here.

    See you in the New Year.

    Lisa x

  2. aww bless - I can natter for England so the Blog has become a great outlet.
    When I first thought of doing one I said to hubby " who would want to read about me ? " so decided to do it about the hens ...but now I natter about anything & everything with my Bloggie friends.

    Have a wonderful Christmas XX The creative writing is a great idea

  3. Happy Christmas too Jus and a very Merry (of course!!) New Year.

    Nina x

    - sorry, over and out!


  4. A very Merry Christmas and New Year to you!

    Lots and lots of snow here so it well and truely feels like Christmas.

  5. Dear Jus
    Happy Christmas to you! Wishing you much fun and many treats and a window or two of quiet peacefulness.
    As I read your post I imagined us all having a cyber party in your Beach Hut to celebrate your first Christmas in Blogland - what fun it would be and we'd have so VERY much to talk about! If there's one thing we bloggers can do it's talk - or as you say: waffle!
    Can't wait to hear more about your creative writing course,
    Happiest Days to you!
    Denise x

  6. Happy Holidays my lovely! And here's to your first bloggy xmas! It looks good on you:)

  7. Have a very happy Christmas!

    Pomona x

  8. So was it a good one? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Jus xxxxxx

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  10. A belated merry Christmas and a happy new year my dear friend!!!

    Love Lou xxx

  11. Blogging is great isn't it. Been catching up with your posts, love the Vinegar advice, very handy. Merry Winter.

  12. I am so glad You Love to waffle with us. I have been away for yonks and yonks (almost 6 months) and have missed it terribly.
    I hope that Your Chritmas was Merry and that New Year brings You abundand Joy xxx