things that make me go ho ho ho...

This is what greeted me before work this morning...someone has pimped my ride.

Of course the boys are delighted as they now have something else to;

a) throw in the pool

b) kick a ball at

c) throw at each other... let the games begin!!!


  1. Your little Beetle does get up to tricks!

  2. Funny, I saw one similar yesterday on the way to kindy! Very festive isn't it? Have you checked for any presents your Santa may have left?

  3. I think it looks quite cute !

  4. Festive Beetle - lovely! We had a bright yellow beetle as our first car as a couple, and I really feel nostalgic when I see them. Nice to think of you driving around in one.

  5. Such a cutie - lovey the cone hat!!

    Nina x

  6. He He as regards your comment - I think that LLB & Ewan Mc Gregor are suposed to be thoroughlly decent men too - always helps. I hate it when you are attracted to an actor or someone & then find out they are total JERKS !

  7. So is it an a b or c choice or have they opted for all three. Good Beetle providing so much family entertainment.

    Wishing you a great christmas Jus in case I don't manage to get back to say so later on.

    Lisa x

  8. He he! I'm envious of your fabulous Beetle. I think it looks magic. I have an urge to put the traffic cone on my head. That's the residual student in me - I'm a bit old for all that malarkey though.

  9. haha I wish someone would pimp my ride!
    It's like... a UniSlugBug?