era envy...

What was it about the early 60's....
The clothes, the music, the entire kitandcaboodle in fact.
So, what brought on this urge to be a beatnik?

A greedy, stolen afternoon in a gorgeous old cinema where a book club buddy and I gobbled vanilla choctops with nuts and devoured the film 'An Education'.

Lynn Barber's memoirs with a screenplay by Nick Hornby, the writing is tight and amusing. It's beautifully cast, I loved Emma Thompson as the headmistress but the the real star is London; what a city!
It made me a little homesick, but oddly for a time and place I've never known. My London was all about the 90's, and I very rarely get the urge to revisit that period or, in fact, to go back now.

Rose tinted glasses? Absolutely, but apart from Prada sunnies, aren't they the best kind?


  1. umm I was a sixties baby ... but it would have been nice to have been there & done it a bit older - hey man !

  2. Ah, now one of my pals was recommending this film too - I may have to go see!
    Early 1960's? Yes, I totally agree: great clothes, great music, all so very stylish .... if only, if only...
    By the way I love that petticoat/nightdress thingy in the photo!!
    London? Hmmmm .... I was a student there in the 1980's and it had lots of pluses as a student. But so glad I left when I finished studying - give me a little market town, any day!
    Happy Advent to You!
    D xx

  3. What a top tip. I had vaguely heard about this amongst the whirl of nappies and fishfingers. This is to be a lovely DVD treat evening when it comes out I think. Thanks for reminding me there's a world of cinema out there somewhere.