anyone for a quick drag around the lake?

Resolution #7... Step outside the comfort zone.

So when I was asked if I'd like to try waterskiing I squealed with delight and begged them to take me, (OK, that's an exaggeration but I didn't say no and feign an ankle injury which is my usual get out of jail card).

How hard can it be... the family we were staying with have six year old twins and they can do it...


A complete nightmare, after numerous attempts and having still not even made it to a crouch I admitted defeat and, in as dignified a manner as is possible when the vast amount of lake you've swallowed is determined to exit through the nostrils at an horrific speed, left the water. Once Slap's hysteria had calmed he pointed out with great gusto that if my head had spun 360 degrees I'd have looked scarily similar to that poor girl in the Exorcist!

To add to the humiliation I was then beaten by both twins at backgammon, arm wrestling and count the press ups, although a late win in the 'who has the biggest bruise' competition restored a smidgeon of pride.

Child prodigies....hugely overrated!

P.S. The bruise was an astounding 9cm long and a beautiful shade of greeny blue...who needs to waterski when you can produce skin discolouration to that sort of standard.


  1. Aww! I'm sorry the waterskiing didn't turn out! I've never done it but thought it would be fun- I've only gone tubing and ended up with bruises. Water sports are dangerous!

  2. at least you tried !!!

    I guess the twins work as a team so you are up against two also they are probably telepathic so cam communicate the next move etc - so really - you don't stand a chance !

  3. Greeny blue is allll the rage at the moment Jus, so extra points for being fashionable and having colour cordinated bruises too.

    Hope you slapped Slap?!

    Nina xxxx

  4. You gave it a go! That's what's important!

  5. thanks for stalking/following! Haha.
    Yeah; I think my friend will be fine, really; right now she's been staying with her new boyfriend on the road/out of town. She's officially a groupie!

    Hope you ended up getting some sleep!

  6. I think You are Terrific! and I wish You would write books.
    I have twins and they are indeed a force to be reaconed with, bad penny is right - you don't stand a chance.

    Hope You have a Happy Sunday and that your poor bruise is better soon xxx


  7. Great lesson for me here. I watched many a person water skiiing at Lake Rotoiti last week and foolishly thought that a woman in her mid 40's (me) could easily learn a new skill. Thanks for giving this a go for me Jus. Now I know I dont even have to think about it anymore. Bruise sounds impressive, as do twins.