diving miss daisy...

The nicest thing just happened; I overheard a conversation between my youngest and his cousin. Alf was telling Frank all about the recent diving lesson I gave him (we're talking ' how not to belly flop' as opposed to twisty cliff diving I hasten to add) and how helpful and fun he had found it....I KNOW!

I've had a chequered past when it comes to "just trying to help".

Apparently I'm the worst driving instructor in the world as I'm prone to sudden screaming and I insist on clutching at the dashboard and using the handbrake willy my defense we had randomly pulled into a bus lane where a large No647 was hurtling towards us and then forgotten that red lights at an intersection were in fact a command to stop, not just a decorative hint!!

There was also a nasty incident with some papier mache, a homemade kite and a box of meccano...again in my defense I think it only fair that the person who thought of the idea in the first place/bought or supplied the necessaries/did most of the work on a craft project, should absolutely get the first and longest go... 5 year olds can be so irrational can't they?

So to hear that a lesson with me was almost enjoyable...well it gladdens the heart.


  1. That is heart-wearming! I am, sadly, not a patient teacher for my own children. I have a real vocation for teaching dyslexic pupils and can be staggeringly patient with other kids. I wish I could carry it over to my own!

  2. Our daughter is learning to drive & heaven help the instructor as she is dyslexic , dispraxic & a dizzy blonde !

    Hubby is an excellent sailor but he just can't teach it - he waves his hand and says... grab the thing .. Thing ? what thing ?

  3. Oh dear...I'm sorry, I just couldn't help laughing my head off there :oD
    I Love Your writing :o) today it has given a much needed boost to a stressful day I've been having. Exept I've been laughing so much I've splutterd soup (my lunch) on my jumper.

    Much Love xxx


  4. I keep thinking how great it's going to be when my girls get old enough for me to "teach them things". And then reality sets in...

  5. Like Floss I seem to be great with other peoples children but not my own - mind you I did home educate DS1 for about 5 years, so probably wasn't too bad at it, although he says he doesn't remember any of it!

    How lovely to hear praise from your children :-)

  6. Jus you're so refreshingly real. Kids should not be allowed to take over craft activites, you're so right. Why can't they just sit and watch while you get on with it.

    Did you do the diving too or just yell dive dive?

    Lisa x