vegging out...

I'm awash with courgettes and radishes...bliss!

Pomona gave me some very helpful advice regarding the virtues of raised beds so the spade brigade got going and we are now the happy beneficaries of baskets full of fresh veg. We've always grown lemons, potatoes and salad and tomatoes in pots but this year we really went to town and are growing a little bit of everything. Slap took charge of the choosing and planting, hence the beautifully straight lines and specific plots for each vegetable. Next time we are having a bed each as I'm more of a shove it in with gay abandon and add a lavish sprinkling of flowers for good measure.

As Alfie chants whenever there's a heated debate at the dinner table,

"Who's gonna win, who's gonna win!!"


  1. SNAP ! but I'm at the digging in horse shit stage !!!

  2. I'm soooo envious. My raised bed is still covered in an old rug, and looks like it might even stay that way this year. Due to some of the health probs I've been having, am not sure that very much gardening will get done in 2010 :o( But like You have done in the past, I can at least grow some herbs and salads in buckets :o) Wish I could have a lemon tree, I really miss the ones we had in Morocco. I like a good sprinkling of flowers in my vegetable beds's healthy for them.



    p.s. I have just posted a magical mystery on my blog.

    Have a magical week xxx

  3. Hello Jus
    Most envious of your raised beds.... our garden is so tiny, but maybe I could squeeze in a little box in which to grow veg?
    I'm with you in the "dig it in and see what happens" gardening team.... which is probably why my flower beds bear an uncanny resemblance to Sleeping Beauty's garden.....
    Happy days to you!
    D x

  4. Nice looking veg plot you have there. I can't wait till spring over here.
    Loved your comment over at my place!

  5. Love the veg bed. Ours are frozen at the moment and they are talking about snow on Sat. But apparently now is the time to prepare the soil so have been instructed to keep my eyes peeled for horse manure for sale on the road side. Lovely eh. We have some nice celeriac still growing but I just can't seem to face the cold at the moment, must be all this lovely warm central heating making me soft.

  6. Good grief! I am burning with envy! All I am growing is a runny nose! Roll on spring - hurry up! Your beds looks fabulous xxx