yah boo sucks!

I have a's actually a herniated disc sort of a backache so please forgive the grumpy old woman face and the lack of posts as sitting at the desk for any length of time is impossible...
I bloody hate waterskiing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh no was it that that did the damage. Completely sympathise with you Jus as I seem to spend more time walking around as if I've pooed my pants than standing up straight and proud.

    I wore my really heavy boots to do the school pick up the other day (when my back was having a spasm so not a good choice). I walked in like Frankenstein lunging one foot in front of the other.

    Now stay away from exercise whatever people try and tell you. Keep mobile by eating cake in different rooms and your back will feel so much better.

    A gentle hug to you.

    Lisa x

  2. I like Lisa's suggestion of keeping mobile by eating cake in every room (gluten free of course) Take it easy and make sure you get better soon in time for my visit! ;-)

  3. Eating cake in different rooms... Now that's my kind of exercise!

    You poor thing - how horrible to be injured when you were trying so hard to get into the summer sports thing.

    Get well soon.

  4. OH NO !!! Poor you.

    I have Bloggers' neck - too long at the computer very stiff neck !

    Hope you are more moblie soon xx

  5. Yah boo indeed!!

    I think we may have to lay off the verandah moshing for a while.

    Get better soon Jus - do you want me to send you some Twiglets?? Air Mail this time!!

    Nina xxxxx

  6. Waterskiing? Dangerous! I think I might be safe with my choice of exercise, telly-watching.

    Seriously though,I do hope the pain goes soon and Mrs Bun's advice concerning cake is excellent.

  7. Love the title, I think Pike was saying that to the warden on Dad's Army the other day. Probably best to steer clear of the extreme sports from now on. I'm just really glad to find someone else with a passion for the whole artistic value of the manhole cover thing. Perhaps we should start an around the world 'cover lover' picture group.
    Hope the pain eases up.