a round of applause for mr bowen.....

I've just made the most extraordinary discovery!

There's a technique called BOWTECH and, as woman who has been manipulated by all manner of medical people, it's the most successful back treatment I've ever received.

Basically you lie on a bed and someone gives you a nudge every now and again, ( I won't tell you exactly what Slap said this reminded him of but if you rearrange the words 'after 20 years of marriage', 'foreplay', 'bit like', you'll get the drift).

Initially, I must admit to being a little sceptical; I've had a horribly sore back for years and like many fellow sufferers out there, I've had a go at more than a few traditional, non-traditional and 'completely off with the fairies' treatments... a hippy, a wigwam, patchouli oil and being asked to remove everything but my socks springs to mind...

So, it was with complete astonishment that I rose off the bed after the allotted hour feeling at least 2 inches taller and ache free.

Please click on the link and have a read if you're interested... I can't promise it'll work for anyone else but by crikey it certainly worked for me!

You need proof?!?
Here's a quick snap of me jumping out of bed this morning and no I don't think it's at all odd to wear a leotard and full make up to bed!


  1. You are awesome!!! Of course I can do that too! I'll have to have a read of that link. Hubby has a pain at the mo. Now that beach is Howick Beach. You been there? Not a beach I've ever been to before. Usually visit Cockle Bay or Eastern Beach.

  2. I had heard of this before, but no one who had had treatment, so it is good to hear it worked for you.

  3. I could so do with this - I've had back ache neck ache ( yes a pain in the neck ) for years now.
    Glad it helped you and that you are feeling more... flexible !!

  4. Well, Jus, you're sure looking... good..?

    I'm really glad to hear this has worked for you - I'll pop over and check your link.

  5. Love the leotard though you do look a little bit too happy for someone that has just woken up!!

    Glad the backs better Jus,

    Can we get back to Saturday night verandah 'jumping around' now??

    Nina x

  6. Leotard and full make-up? No, not odd at all, in fact it's similar to what I look like getting out of bed.
    Did you have this done at a clinic? I suffer from a bad back (Bad Back! no cookie for you!) and this seems very interesting.
    Also, it might be wise if I refrained from commenting until after I have had my coffee.

  7. now you are mobile pop over to my blog to collect an award !

  8. Glad it has done the trick - I am sure the sparkly leotard helps too!

    Pomona x

  9. I wish i could jump out of bed and look that fresh!

    steam showers

  10. Love the new teeth.

    Lisa x

  11. Great sleep wear, Jus!
    So pleased to hear you are two inches taller and a little more flexible...
    D x