a balancing picnic...

Exciting times are afoot! The Balancing Kiwi and I are going on a picnic this afternoon... we'll be zooming around the rural lanes of Northland, looking for old barns and similar photo opportunities. I've packed some chicken on dark rye sandwiches and a big bag of plums so we won't starve.

This won't be our first meeting... obviously we've been chatting for over a year now through the power of blog...our first in the flesh experience however was on Monday. We clicked, clacked and clocked all afternoon and I'm looking forward to picking up where we left off a little later.

Back with photo evidence later...have a great day!


  1. Oh I heard about the barn trip! I'm quite fond of barns myself, so look forward to some photos of your discoveries. I'm hoping to catch up with her very soon too. I hope you don't wear her out too much! Say hi to her from me.

  2. ooh give her a hug from me & give yourself one as well. Have a lovely lovely day xx

  3. Have a great day too guys and enjoy the picnic - wish I was there......

    Nina x