wedding drool...

The lovely Sharda is getting wed...HURRAH!!
So when a good friend tells you she's getting married, what's the first thing to do?
Hit the wedding blogs of course... I had no idea! I have existed for an entire year on this bloggysphere without once coming across these pages of glorious loveliness. My favourite so far
All the photo's above are from this beautiful site....
(If you'd like to pretend we're sat together viewing these images, please insert a 'Homer Simpson daydreaming about doughnuts' type noise when reading this post... that'd be me... feel free to make your own noises though)


  1. Ginny & Ed - great names !
    I sometimes talk to my daughter about her dream wedding - barefoot on a lovely beach wins every time !

    When is the Balancing Kiwi coming ? What a hoot meeting a real live Blogger....I'm going to stay with Tracey soon !

  2. ....if I could do it alllll over again!!

  3. What fun! I'd not looked at wedding blogs - I honestly think I'll have to wait for our boys to grow up (and I'm in no hurry) before I get involved in planning another wedding... But perhaps just a peep?..

  4. Dear Jus
    Oh I am so glad you have discovered the eye-candy joyfulness of Wedding Blogs - I absolutely love the wedding blogs and have to visit them very often! Spending most of my days in jeans and baggy at-home clothes, popping into those wedding blogs is my little taste of prettiness and glamour - needless to say, I'm a long term addict of them!
    100 layer cake is glorious - I also adore Snippet and Ink.
    D x

  5. I've seen a couple Jus and they just make me wish I could do it all again many times over having a different theme each time. It all looks such fun. Oh and I did mean with the same man you know, even though I have had two goes at it. Got it wrong, then got it right.

    Hope you all have a super fun wedding. I know you will.

    Lisa x

  6. Ok, oooh, aahhh, eeek! You are a bad influence.