why do they call it a fun run?

Well, I finished infront of the chickens in mankini's, but behind the Asian man of 70 who ran the whole thing backwards.....

I don't think there will be any sleepless nights in the Kenyan Olympic road racing squad, but the back to front Chinese pensioner.....I have you in my sights!!


  1. 'Oh' Jus - I think you were caught out with the 'FUN' in fun run.....beware!!

    Nina x

  2. He He have a good foot soak - and a pat on the back !

  3. I love that Purple hat poem too - I think it sums a lot of us up !
    I'd love to be an eccentric granny ( one day ) with a huge basket full of interesting things on my arm.. and children hanging off my skirts xx
    ....just looking out my Passport ...can we visit the set of Neighbours please ?

  4. Well done for running at all - not something I could attempt!

    Pomona x

  5. Just being able to stand up and not fall over is pretty amazing for some of us lazy so and so's out here. Very impressed you did it Jus.

    Lisa x