be careful what you wish for

I know it's mean and rude to be ungrateful because I'm infact extraordinarily lucky to have a husband who will cut my hair. I think it says a lot about our marriage that I trust him with my crowning glory. Admittedly, if he 'does a Vidal' as it's known on Planet Beach Hut, then I'm into him for 3 ironed shirts but that has always worked for me.
There are downsides to this co-op of course: I'm not allowed to bring pictures cut from Hello magazine as he doesn't do styles, I have to wash my own hair beforehand which means no head massage (N.B. I have tried to DIY but much like arm stroking it's definitely a two person job)and because I haven't yet found a large black plastic sheet with neck velcro it's not uncommon for me to be picking tufts of hair from my bra 3 weeks later.

So, what's with the lack of gratitude I hear you ask.... I suppose it's my own fault for demanding a haircut whilst the football was on.

You see,in my head I should look like this...

but in the mirror I look like this...

although the King of the Checkouts in my local supermarket obviously thinks I look like this as he just asked to see my driving license when I added a sneaky bottle of Savvie to the weekend rations!! And no, he wasn't being a smartarse because I asked him and he answered, "No Miss, I am not being a Smartarse"

And before anyone asks, No! the legal drinking age in NZ is not 42... I can only imagine that he thought no self respecting 25+ woman of sound mind would venture out in public with what looks like a dodgy seventies perm and he's probably right but I'm demanding Slap cuts my hair with his eyes tightly shut everytime, it's much cheaper than wrinkle cream...


  1. Oh my goodness how did you fit through the supermarket doors after that question?? That must be the best compliment one could wish for. Way to go Jus!! Perhaps your hubby could cut my hair for me as well?

  2. Oh wow, can he cut mine as well! ;-)

  3. Hello there lovely Jus!
    (Mr Bun was quite proud of his mention in despatches, by the way!)
    Your hair experience is quite an eye opener. Having curly hair myself, all my adult life I have tracked down perfect hairdressers who know how to 'do curls'. My current hairdresser is my heroine - she is totally tuned in to the mischief of curls and I love her for understanding the thick mass of unruliness. I've met far too many hairdressers who are CLUELESS when it comes to anything other than ironing board straight hair!!!!
    Then you go and write about letting your husband loose on your curls - is he qualified? Or are you living life on the edge? I need to know!!
    But if after it all, you have lost 30 years from your age, then I say Slap should be bottled and sold in Harrods for an outrageous price per bottle!
    Carry on keeping us smiling :-)
    Have a fab weekend (bank hols here!)
    Denise x

  4. Just been catching up, you've had me in stitches especially 'tick tock'.

  5. Oh you curly haired girls - you just don't get how gorgeous it is and how hard it is for us straight haired girls not to reach and touch and ping out those cute little spirals. Very funny post.

  6. Kevin Keegan - now that's a hair do to be proud of. At least he didn't give you a mullet!

    Nina x

  7. ooh I loved Kevin Keegan's curls ! We have had a hairdressing upset - a friend's home hairdresser has wrecked darling daughter's hair ! We were trying to save money - now the poor girl is so upset I've said I'll pay to put it right - BUT her lovely long fringe has been hacked off. Meanwhile WeeMan is in love with a pretty young hairdresser but will have to wait for his hair to grow before he can see her again !
    I got a boyfriend to trim my fringe once - he cut it off ! I was furious and I looked totally stupid with long hair & a tuft for a fringe !

  8. What's wrong with a mullet I'd like to know. Mine looks best when combed into a ponytail. Now seeing your style Jus I'm tempted to go for a change of direction.

    Does he really do your hair all the time or is just you being you and keeping us all entertained in your usual fabulous way?

    Lisa X

  9. LOL! You have made me nearly wet my pants ... my mum would cut my fringe; it looked like a basin haircut.

    Love Lou xxx

  10. We are clearly hair twins. I shelled out for Toni and Guy recently and definitely had a touch of the Keagans afterwards.

  11. Ah, you made me laugh, which was much needed I tell you. Last I had the Mr. trim off 3 inches (I was very clear on the inches) I thought him being an engineer and good with the maths that he would know well and good what 3 inches look like. A lesson in not assuming was learned that day. When I took a strand off the floor and held up it's 10 inches before his nose and asked "Since when does this look like 3 inches?" He merely shrugged his shoulders and went on his bald headed way.