a weekend at the ymca

I don't live under a rock, in fact I pride myself on being rather a hip and happening mother of teens. I can talk drop-ins and ollies, I own a beanie and board shorts and I know it's no longer cool to stick your tongue out and holler 'WAAASSSSUUUPPPPPP!' when your fifteen year old and his posse arrive home from school (although busting out a 'moonwalk' and a 'running man' during the school social may have been a mistake… I'm not sure; the boys have erected a wall of silence around the incident?) However, I'm struggling to come to terms with children's birthday celebrations needing similar event management skills as those of that beardy farmer who looks after Glastonbury.

Karaoke roller disco's, paintballing with the SAS and sleepovers at a sea-life centre…what the bloody hell happened to sausage rolls, ribena and pass the parcel around the dining table with five friends and Abba crackling along in the background? Due to this miserly old grump parent with integrity stance, this weekend has been one of testosterone scented sleepovers, homemade chocolate brownie cake and the odd sniffle and teary eye as my youngest child turns 13 and Slap and I are now totally outnumbered by a teen army that marches on its stomach.

"Standing on the fringes of life offers a unique experience, but there's a time to see what it looks like from the dance floor."
— Chbosky

Go Baby!!


  1. P.S. What's happened to your line up of photos? Minor glitch perhaps?

  2. My talk sure has a long way to go in that case. I have no idea what those words mean! Shame.
    I do however still bring out the sausages and pass the parcel at parties. Next one in three weeks time. Still I don't suppose one's sweet sixteen party should have any of those items. Bet they would still enjoy them if their friends weren't around!

  3. Whoa! All teenagers, yikes!

  4. when Joe turned thirteen I kept exclaining " I'm the mother of teens ! " know what you mean about the boy sleepover small phewey - so much more fragrant with girls !
    Joe hasn't wanted to do anything the last two birthdays - he di a pool kayack one before. He's been paintballing & talks about the driving a tank / army thing but I think luckily he's too yound stil ! Jess talks about Zorbing!

    Thanks for your comment - funerals are weird !

  5. I feel your pain!I have to put peg on nose when entering 15 yr olds bedroom! What the hell is that stink! He has a shower every night!!
    So contradictory too, won't take cartons of juice to school(Hes not a baby) but will ask me to make him fairy cakes and he doesn't mind those in his lunchbox, even pink buttercream lemon flavoured butterfly cakes!! No. apparantly his mates are envious of his homemade goodies!
    Dont worry thoughbecause they do regress, my daughers having her 21'st b'day at her uni house, it's a 90's party and they will be having all the food of a tinytots tea party!Jammie dodgers,sausage rolls,sweeties, ice cream...
    See, they love us really!!

  6. Mmmmmm...the whiff of a teen. Is it like they turn 13 and then all hell of testosterone is released??

    I'm only three years behind you with my eldest!

    Nina x

  7. Bless, I thought it was just my boys that are smelly!!! ;-)

    Ben will be eighteen this year, I’m thinking a pretty garden tea party…I’m sure he will love it??? ;)

    Love Lou xxx

  8. My word verification was PSYCHO…a nice way too finish my day! :-)

  9. I've worked out that mine will hit full blown teenagerhood about the same time I do the menopause so that'll be fun aroud here then. I promise solemnly in the run up to that moment to get it cringingly wrong every now and again just to keep them on their toes. Moonwalking sounds a great tip for that - moonies maybe not.

    Loved your Reggie story too Jus. Showed Mr Bun and he roared too.

    Lisa x

  10. By the time mine is a teenager I will be ancient and far too immature I'm sure.

    We just attended a 5 year old's b-day and the extravaganza had my mouth agape, and I thought I was fancy with pink frosting and a handcrafted Pegasus pinata at our girl's 5th. I told our girl after the party that she shouldn't get any ideas about a carousel, a petting zoo or a pint sized pink Hummer in her birthday future.