the last of the tomatoes...

Just to prove that I haven't been playing blog all afternoon, here's a quick pic' of the very last of the cherry tomatoes from the garden with a few of the chilli's ripe enough to pick.

I thought I'd make the most of a surprisingly warm couple of hours, so I sloshed a little oil over my harvest and left it to dry in the sun. Admittedly, rain stopped play earlier this evening so the veggies are finishing off in a very low oven overnight. Once they're all wrinkled and the flavours are truly concentrated I'll bottle them in extra virgin olive oil and use in salad dressings, pasta or just over toasted bread for a tangy reminder of a beautiful summer.


  1. Yum, yum.....though doesn't rain always stop play? Sooooo unfair.

    Love the look of your new bloggy page.

    Nina x

  2. yummy tomatoes! I really need to get my act into gear if I want to have a small vege patch this year!

  3. They look beautiful. What a lovely way to preserve summer. Do you think when you take the lid off great rays of light will by released? You could be onto a winner here! My last toms finished ages ago but they still sit in the garden, along with the stinky cabbages still!

  4. Oh delish. I want a bottle with things like that in it.