With summertime coming to a leisurely end it's time to hunt out the extra blanket and winterweight duvet, hang up the bikini nana at the beach one piece and adjust the hands on the clock. There's an old adage which I trot out faithfully twice a year, word perfect for as long as I can remember, until now…

I sat and pondered which way do I spring and where do I fall?
I muttered, debated, even got a little heated,

'Spring forward, Fall back,

Spring back, Fall forward'

The first one rings a bell but I feel more comfortable with statement 2. Eventually I asked the nice man filling my car with petrol what he'd be doing with his clock at the weekend; I won't tell you what his answer was, suffice to say I won't be using that garage again in a hurry!

It has occurred to me that I feel more comfortable with springing backwards and falling flat on my face because it suits my current state of mind. Optimism in the face of adversity is proving to be rather more difficult than I'd originally thought, but I'm digging a bit deeper everyday and as a true devotee of the karmic yogi's I know my ducks will waddle into a row anytime soon.

In the meantime I'm feeling the need to wallpaper...

all images courtesy of smallacorns and designersguild


  1. Oh my Jus that's quite a house you have there!! Mine seems even more inadequate now than ever. Oh well at least I have an excuse for the mess at the mo.

    There are some very wonderful papers around at the moment and quite pricey ones too. I'd love a bit of paper if I were allowed one!

    Funny about that man at the garage! What a hoot.

  2. I hate the clock change as do my animals !
    ....just what was that man going to do with his clock ?!

  3. I can just imagine his and your face! LOL

    Cheer up hun, if you need a real moan, just send me an email!

  4. Good grief Jus, is that the inside of your beach hut? It's like some sort of glamour tardis.

  5. Are you sure he heard you right?

    Love the wallpaper inspiration - funny enough I've been hankering about doing a wall in our dining room.....wall papering it, that is!!

    take care and enjoy the 'fall' as we emerge into 'spring' in the UK.

    Nina xxx

  6. Now I'm confused, too! Shall we fix it with wallpaper, or with jam? I think that both might be a little excessive...

  7. Dear Jus
    I guess you could adjust your clock to suit you ;-) after all, an hour here and there doesn't really make much difference does it?
    I see from the tag that you're feeling sorry for yourself and those wayward ducks are off exploring the further edges of the pond - they'll be back soon :-)
    I don't know about you, but I used to be very intolerant of myself when I was feeling sorry and such like - all that British bulldog kind of crap used to be nagging in my mind. Now, in my new spirit of Balance and being half way to 90 (!) I try to be as kind and gentle to myself on those down days as I would offer to anyone else. Being a bit more accepting of all the seasons of my moods, also helps me understand the down days too. Life is full of ebb and flow I guess, just like the sea on your beautiful beach.
    You may be in an 'ebb' at the moment, but the 'flow' is just starting at the turn of the tide.
    Take care dear,
    (I've rambled - excuse me!)
    D xx

  8. there is something very warm and cosy about wallpaper.

  9. I love the couch in the last photo. So Awesome!