working weekend

Not many words at the moment but heaps to show you....

The Foodshow in Christchurch is a wine tasting marathon but there was a little time off for good behaviour....(believe that, you'll believe anything.)

The tram in the photo really was moving rather fast, truly, I promise, it really was the tram that was moving and not me that was staggering... yikes, I feel a lecture and a detox coming on!!


  1. Fast trams? Yeah sure Jus! ;-)

    Glad you had a good time

  2. Sounds like a very sucessful time! Lovely photos on a sunny day, of such beautiful buildings. I do love the trams, wish we had something lovely and old up here. Have a happy Easter Jus.xx

  3. it looks beautiful & I'd love to visit one day.
    You have an award on my Blog - come and get it !

  4. These are lovely sunny images Jus. I do like the sound of a wine tasting marathon. Very much.

    Hope you're having a lovely Easter break - perhaps a chocolate-noshing marathon?

  5. amazing pics! hope your easter weekend was fun too :o)

    hugs xxx


  6. Lovely to see your city through someone elses eyes. Nice pics. Love the trams. We play dodge after work as I try to bike over the tracks and not get skeeedadled. I am dying to hang on one day and get a lift up the road but I think I might be a bit of a scardy.