nautical thrifty goodness

There are some days when you can trawl the op shops for hours to no avail...
...there are others when you rush in during a free moment to find more seasidey treasures than you know what to do with.

These are the moments which you need to grab a hold of.

Others include;
a parking space where there are usually only cars,
a beautiful eye fillet marked down by 50%,
a basketful of homegrown veggies left on your verandah by a mystery benefactor,
a job where part of your job description is to find school uniform dress ups for 5 adults, i.e. op shopping (legally!) in worktime,

These are the moments where a heavenly choir of angels tra-laa! overhead, and I know it's going to be a beautiful day.

A girl can never have too much tra-laa-ing!


  1. Tra-la-la indeed! Lovely photo and finds, and some great opportunities. So, why the school uniform dress-up?

  2. Absolutely not Jus.....in a tra..la...laaaaaing way that is!

    Nina xxx

  3. Tra la la ....dressing up ? do tell !

  4. I'm tra -laa-ing for you! I think I will make myself a raft, row to your place and wrestle that boat from you.

  5. That photograph is perfection. The cabinet, the jug of knitting needles, the lamp, the yacht. All of it.

  6. I love it all…what great taste you have! It makes me want to move, just so I can have a look around that beautiful home of yours.

    Have a fab week love Lou xxx

  7. If you lived nearer I would take you up on that! :-) I think you and me would get into a lot of trouble together, but just think what fun we could have.
    Love Lou xxx

  8. Postcard from Germany coming your way. Although the postage was questionable, so perhaps not? I tried!

  9. Oohwee!! What a good bunch of stuff and yes, never too much of the tra-laa-ing! Gorgeous :)