things i'm loving this week...

this feeling! Swinging on a tyre whilst the clouds scud along overhead.*

this book! Another step closer to realising my dream of chickens in the yard.

this photo! The gorgeous karen is also a gorgeous photographer.

* No I didn't run into Kevin Keegan on the beach... that is me and my outrageous haircut!


  1. Stop teasing me! ;-)

    Did you find the escapee? Venturing under a bed sounds rather dangerous to me!

  2. Hi there Kevina !!
    Would you please refrain from showing us such photos of paradise beaches with tyre swings, blue skies and the like??? Remember some of us are back here in old blighty with no hint of a paradise beach on the horizon !!!
    But other than that - what amazingly beautiful photos,
    Happy days
    Denise x

  3. Oh, I need a holiday, soon!!

  4. Serenata has given me box envy so I pop over here & get beach envy !!!
    That steps to the beach photo is fab

  5. A great choice in book Jus if I do say so myself.

    Love your loving,


    Nina x

    ps. do you think a size 5 (toddler) would fit you ok?

  6. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply too you! You must have had sleepless nights over my knickers…my bum sucked them up; they have not been seen since.

    Fab pictures! I want chickens in my garden.

    Love Lou xxx