a french sojourn...

I waved goodbye to a lovely friend this morning as she began her long, long journey to France. Of course, a whole three weeks without my bargain hunting buddy is the perfect gifty excuse, so the beribboned, brown paper bag contains an easy read for the plane and some delicious french hand cream to get her in the mood.
Filling the bag however started me thinking about my own 'can't live without them' airport items;

First on the list has to be my huge, soft leather satchel. It's intact but battle scarred which is the perfect state for an airport bag as it doesn't pay to be too precious with something that's going to spend hours stuffed under the seat infront. The added benefit of soft leather means it can be packed to the brim but is still fairly malleable.

I always carry a couple of books, one blockbuster and one thought provoker, plus a notebook and pen. This means I'm kept entertained throughout any reasonable delay and I can create the illusion of being totally absorbed in a book if my airplane neighbour is a bit odd.

My first aid kit contains a huge bottle of water, pain killers, sunglasses, mints and an all over salve. I keep a bandanna in the bottom of my bag too which can be used as a knapsack, bandage, flannel, hankie or sunhat. However, if you use it as a hankie all other options are probably not quite so attractive.

A couple of museli bars, an apple, a credit card and a clear pathway to Duty Free round up my list of airport necessities.


  1. 'Fess up'? You've got to be joking! I'd surely be committed!

    Definitely a book or two, water, painkillers, fruit and a face and hand cream - those long haul flights sure dry your skin out. I always take too much, so that is my list for next year. Oh and a clean pair of undies! :-D

  2. Ooh I love the gift bag !

    I remember the first time I flew back from Spain with Jess when she was a baby- I was paranoid about the time it would take to get to my mum's in North wales so hubby & I made up several bottles of baby milk packed them in a lage plasti container flled with ice. It weighed a ton. We didn't have a cool bag.

    A ( drunk golfer ) helpful man carried the bag from the runway bus onto the plane as I was carrying Jess - we got separated on the plane & I had to ask an air hostess to find him !

    Jess was so good but I felt panicy as it was the first time flying with a baby & I felt so overwhelmed with responsibility.

    After that I relaxed about it.