an upside down christmas...

I've been in New Zealand over ten years now but, from time to time an event takes place that really reminds me how far from home I am; Christmas in July is one such occasion. When the invitation came to celebrate mid winter with a slap up turkey dinner, crackers, gifts and all the fun of the fair I was the first one at the table in my flashing Santa hat... Good times!

My donation was a raspberry, white chocolate and vodka trifle, bread sauce, sausages in bacon and a rather frightening hunger attained only by a woman who has not just fallen off the diet wagon but been repeatedly run over by it too...

I made a really simple Victoria Sponge earlier in the week. Cut this into squares and sandwich it together with raspberry jam.
Defrost some juicy raspberries and crush them a little with a heady splash of vodka.
Fill the bottom third of a glass bowl with the jammy sponge and pour over the boozy crushed berries.
Make up a box of raspberry jelly with the juice from a tin of raspberries and hot water and once it has cooled just a little, pour about a cupful over the sponge.
Leave this to set in the fridge whilst you whip up the next layer.

Today, I used a large carton of thick, creamy shop bought custard. I have made my own in the past, either way works for me. When I use a readymade though I add half a bar of melted Green & Black white chocolate to the sauce as it seems to set better. Pour this delicious gloop over the cooled sponge and straight back into the fridge.

Whip up cream into soft peaks and spoon it over the set custard and you're almost finished. Decorate with white chocolate snow and cherry, mint holly or go wild in the aisles and do the sprinkles, sliced almonds and silver ball topping for real holiday cheer!

If you're not a vodka lover don't worry, you don't really taste vodka as such, there is just a depth to the sponge that is rather good amongst all that creamy, sweetness. Alternatively, you could go Amaretto with a chocolate custard or even Limoncello and drop the chocolate completely... just play!


  1. Wow ! Mum always made a wonderful gooey sherry trifle for special occassions.

    I make one if we do a Burn's supper as when I researched the food the pudding - Tipsy Laird turned out to be trifle ! prob supposed to have Whisky but I use sherry and I even made the custard !

  2. That looks scrumdiddlyumptious! No wonder diet has taken a wander!

  3. Vodka laden trifle annnnnnnd melted green and blacks please this is just so tempting.

    Nina xx

  4. What a posh looking blog you have these days! I just love the sound of that pud, yummy. Never thought to put choccy in the custard - sneeky. Hope you enjoyed the early Christmas celebration. Never had one or been to one, but very tempted.