just another day....

Man alive, sometimes it takes a complete stranger to remind you that taking life for granted is a crime!

Yesterday I was walking down this beach...

on my way to the old homestead that sits at the very end of the bay.

Whilst I was taking this photo...

a very sweaty man on a bicycle stood next to me upon the verandah and said,
"So you too are visiting this paradise country, ya?"

Not put off by the lycra and perspiration I replied,
"Actually, I live just a few minutes away"

I went home then, all smiley and grateful and ate a bowl of homemade soup.

Good times!!


  1. Oh yes, Jus, so very true! Your landscape certainly looks like paradise from this side of the world, that's for sure :-)
    Enjoy it all and more,
    Denise x

  2. Looks like a heavenly day! How lovely!

  3. How did I miss this the other day??? Doesn't seem that long ago that I was standing on that very same verandah - just before I met you for the first time!


  4. I get that satisfaction too - we get a lot of visitors to our lovely village & when I'm walking Dill I often get asked where the nearest cafe is etc.. They usually say " You live here ? Lucky you. We love visiting "
    I love living here !

  5. Paradise indeed! Such gorgeous photos!
    You lucky, lucky girl, sigh...