away the lads!

Actually, it was away the lady... a quick working hop over the 'ditch', as the Tasman is known around these parts, ending up in Far North Queensland, Port Douglas to be specific.
Known primarily for it's proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, it should also be known for it's amazing restaurants, beaches and scary sealife. Rather different from the English seaside of my childhood, where the most lethal thing I ever spotted was a poo bobbing along on the crest of a wave.
Here, if the sharks and jellyfish don't get you, the saltwater crocodiles certainly will...

Just a few pictures of the beautiful Low Isle, where we spent a relaxing afternoon snorkling, discovering this tiny island and cruising the reef in a glass bottom boat... and not a poo insight!


  1. Crocodiles, sharks and jellyfish eeekkkkkkk! - give me a floating poo and tampon any day!

    Nina x

  2. Hello again Jus,
    your funny comment got me tittering, Wilson in Castaway was not a coconut! He was a ball with a handprint in blood with a face drawn into it, actually that sounds a bit gory now its written down!!Anyhoo my little Wilson is named after that one.Do you still swim in the gorgeous lookin sea with all those perils, cos that would seem like torture otherwise!I mean to have paradise there and not to be able to have a paddle at least!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  3. Excellent news...about the lack of poos.

    Bloody nora, does it really all look like that?

  4. umm I hate to say but my three brothers used to poo in the sea then watch the poor swimmers when they swam into it...boys !!!!

  5. Come on Jus the North Sea is just as inviting as yours. Grey and dirty with a hint of white or is it yellow scum on top. I'm not jealous no no no I'm not jealous. Do you have sweaty people eating tons of chips by your sea by the way or just men in lycra?

    Lisa x

  6. I have grown up reading National Geographic but I didn't know about the saltwater crocs until a few years ago. The very thought is just crazy to me. Sure, in the Atlantic we have sharks, but you never really see them as they prefer deeper water. But crocodiles?! They'll chomp on you just for the sport of it and they stay nearer the beach.

    Every single time I think about it, I just can't wrap my mind around it. Crocodiles in the ocean. Crazy. How can anyone talk themselves into a quick swim?

  7. Ooh, I've just been catching up here, what gorgeous scenery! Salt water crocs, oh my! When I was young we lived in Hawaii, all we had to look out for were sea urchins, sting rays and the occasional shark. The worst though were the cuts from the razor sharp coral!
    It's good to know that amidst all that peril there is still some good beach lounging to be had.

  8. Beach envy, that's all I have to say....