the decomposing mrs l...

I think it was meant as a compliment, to make me feel better perhaps; and it worked!

As I was simultaneously coughing and cooking up a storm (admittedly, an offputting image but necessary to my plot) a loud bark of a laugh, followed by a squeaky "Ma!" issued from the living room (teenage boys mean rather a lot of hearty barks and squeaks in the same sentence... aaaah, the joys of puberty)
"Quick, come look at this.... a taller, skinnier, younger, blonder, better looking version of you is on the tele...."

And there she was, Sophie Dahl, also cooking up a storm in a kitchen that looks frighteningly like mine!

Of course, I was beside myself with glee... in NZ I sometimes feel a little lonely in my love for all things clutter and bunting, but no longer. The delicious Miss D has come to 'vintage' us downunder... hurrah!

I smirked into my Lemsip all night!


  1. But it wasn't her real kitchen!

    Yours, on the other hand, is very real indeed. Bloomin' stunning it is too. Love the fresh greens and the tiles.

  2. Before you wrote this, I was admiring your lovely fresh kitchen.

    About your comment on champers - love the stuff - unfortunately I had far too much ...had a wonderful evening - then cried all night !!!! All my recent emotions coming pouring out !
    We still have the huge bottle hubby won but waiting to get all the crew together who raced to pop the cork.
    Hiding it as Jess is having a teen get-togethr !

  3. You hot lady you looking like a further down the track Ms Dahl and drinking the syrup of poorly people. No wonder you're feeling better.


  4. What a gorgeous kitchen it is too with all those lovely greens! :)

  5. Very funny!
    I am full of kitchen envy - yours looks so very lovely and light and airy - please can we see more pics of it?
    And all those gorgeous goodies on your shelf - might we have some close-ups of the shelf contents??
    I am catching up, dear Jus, having been computer-less for a month... I'll say more about that in a post soon ... but I see there are several of your posts I need to catch up on, so away I go!
    Fancy a kitchen swap? I dream of visiting NZ one day.....
    As Silver Pebble has said, you are not doubt a zillion times more authentic than Miss D - not just the authenticity of the kitchen, either!
    D xx

  6. Danny indeed. Standing on a pile of suitcases in the right light - very fetching indeed.

    Sorry for the confusion of this comment, but I was far too lazy to email as I'm on my way to the chocolate cupboard before I get caught out.


  7. LOL, you are funny've described the voices of teenage boys to a Tee. Your kitchen looks great - I don't think you had those shelves there when I was over did you, or at least not decorated with such lovely things.

    Yup, me and my man shrunk..makes for a cheaper bed you see! ;-)

    Had a good nights sleep...well apart from hubby tripping over a bag he had left in the way to the toilet during the night. Much silent swearing and cussing went on! Oh the dramatics of it all.

  8. Look at the gorgeous green and white colors in the kitchen! And the warm light. Now that's how I want my kitchen to be!! :-)

  9. stumbled upon your blog, love it.It's got a bit of everything!

  10. BTW, miss lemsip :) can't get it in M'sia or in US