a little of what you fancy...

does you the power of good! And when you're truly down in the dumps, suffering with a lick of the lurgy, then the more fancy schmancy the better!

This beautiful fruit bowl verily sang my name as it caught my eye last week. Admittedly, I am yet to do it's bountiful curves justice as apart from it's 'welcome to your new home' bananas it has held only a bunch of keys, 2 receipts and a plethora of rather yucky tissues.
I make no apology for this... I'm poorly.

By the way, do you know what the perfect 'get well soon' gift is for a restless, snotty woman on a rainy, dull weekend?

Ooooh, oooh miss, I do, I do...

Gloomy Sunday... a film that the divine Miss L lent me in my hour of need... better than chicken soup, Vics Vapour Rub or Lemsip, I promise!

To any fellow flu bugs out there,

Feel better soon, x


  1. Get well soon missus - tea bags and a lie down....maybe??

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  2. aw poor you hope you enjoyed the film all snuggled up. Did it have sub titles ? I can't cope with those !
    Beautiful bowl. Get well soon xx

  3. Get well soon - love the bowl!

  4. Lovely bowl! I am terribly sorry that you are ill and hoping you are on the mend and right as rain very soon. I shall have to look up that movie for when the Mr. is away.

  5. Loving the bowl, but not with the snotty tissues thank you! Hope you feel better soon.

    Apparently my Skin and Blister also has a bad cold/flu at the moment, so it sounds like it is doing the rounds in good ol' NZ.

    LOL, yup that was Me CLIPPPING THE guinea pigs nails. Whoopsie daisy, sorry about the capitals.

  6. Oh Jus you did make me giggle over at mine.... that's not ME on the beach !! It's a photo of the Antony Gormley sculptures which are quite eerie. I felt like that out there in the quiet on the beach at unset ing Chi Kung & I was hinking about the sculptures - so when I got home, I fund a picture of them for my post.

    Speaking of those silent figures...
    I usually go to bed first, then the teens then hubby. Joe creeps into my room & stands still like that to scare me - the litle horror !!!

  7. Sorry you're struck with lurgy. I've not heard of the film but will keep an eye open for it. The bowl is gorgeous - loving the colours, and I am very fond of coloured glass :-)