happiness is new wallpaper...

When I say I'm going to do wallpaper... I mean it!

This is the sight that greeted my fellow beach hutters when they arrived home last night. Reactions were varied and a full gamut of emotions was displayed,

from "Bloody Hellfire... through "Why, Mum, WHY?"... to "(please insert gagging noise here) you are joking"... finishing with happy squeaks and giggles, obviously that would be me.

Note to self; If you are going to wallpaper a wall as a surprise for the men in your life, make sure to have vast quantities of red wine, pizza and chocolate on hand to soften the blow, x


  1. Flippin' 'eck Jus, are you superwoman or what?! Can you come and do my wall please? It is great.

  2. Dear Jus
    I like your style - surprise is everything!!
    And I'm so glad that you don't care and that you love it because it really does look very good indeed in your room - well done you!
    Enjoy it :-)
    D x

  3. God I'm impressed. Anyone who can wallpaper gets top marks from me. I bought a couple of rolls to paper a small landing what was it - mmmmm- four years ago actually. They look great propped against the radiator. I wouldn't even know where to start and keep hinting to my mum to help out. Could you pop over instead?


  4. I'll pay the whole fare and even buy you a sherbet fountain or two.
    P.S. I love the pink shrimps more.

  5. Blimmin' heck you are good ! Fabulous dahlink !

    When Roddy was a kid, his Dad re-papered their kitchen wall & took til about two am. The next day his mum decided she didn't like it so she, Roddy & his sister took it all off - re-hung all the pictures & kitchen bits and his dad didn't notice for ages !!!

    Your film comment made me giggle x

  6. Well I think it looks fab - plus if you've had to do it on your lonesome then they have nowt to complain about.

    Nina xxx

    ps. I do all the wall papering in our house too!

  7. Wow that is amazing. very brave to do it without their input. Hope the choc & treats soothed their ruffled feathers. I love the colours against the brown leather sofa. Beautifully styled photos.

    @Bad penny, I laughed so much at that story, picturing Dad a week later mid mouthful asking incredulously where the wall paper went!

  8. Well Jus, all I can say is it looks like a magazine shoot! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I wish I could keep my sofa looking lovely. Despite my best efforts (admittidly not very strenuous) it always has books or toys or paperwork on it/around it.

  9. It looks great, well done for dong what YOU want.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog too.
    Ros x