the naked truth…

This is a tough post for me to write…

I realize that the Gok lovers out there enjoy bearing it all; however, I am not one of the afflicted. I much prefer to keep the unattractive pieces of me under wraps; hidden away in a drawer with my snuggy pants and elasticated trousers.
Today though, I'm on a mission.
Today, I woke up with the scent of spring wafting through the window.
Today, I bounced out of bed and decided that a spring clean was in order.
Today, I threw open the curtains and blushed; "Hello, my name is Jus and I'm a neglectful gardener"
Time to get down and dirty…


  1. MMMmmm are we talking razors and cream here? Or perhaps a gentle prune?

  2. Well if we're being open about our faults, can I join the club? My garden is suffering from neglect in a big way too. But now that summer is really looking like a possiblilty, that should change soon. We went to the beach yesterday even!! How exciting.

  3. Just go for the gentle prune to start with...the shock will be less ;-)

    I need to get out in my garden as certainly looks a mess after the yukky weather we have been having.

  4. Ah, yes... I am an occasional gardener in the worst sense. I have fits of enthusiasm and then things suffer from neglect. Your rainbow chard looks great, though. DO all the family eat it? Chez nous, it's just a grown-up thing, sadly.

  5. I did hardly any cutting back this summer as I wasn't feeling up to it. Now the garden is looking very full & I quite like it - until it rains then you can't get down the path without getting branches sending big drips down your neck !

    On the retreat I went to in Greece, we went to a hot spring baths & I uttered " I don't do NAKED " !!! Some did & some didn't & the men & women were seperated so no hanky panky going on !

  6. Hey, look at you, multi-layered clothed gardener!!
    so, you're getting all green fingered as Spring arrives down under, are you? Here, the garden is soggy with the first steady downpour of Autumn rain and the cats are hugging the radiators. I'm happy doing a bit of furniture make over and slapping the old eggshell paint around!
    I look forward to seeing your garden plot all full of lush veggies and pretty flowers...
    Sending you a big hug,
    D x

  7. I try and do naked as little as possible! Good luck with the gardening.

    Lou x

  8. Spring! Spring! Oh spring. Bloody northern hemisphere.

  9. Hey you, thank you for your lovely comment (Aunty Jus),


    D xx