elephant flavoured mouthfuls...

A rather remarkable man told me recently that the only way to eat an elephant is with a million tiny bites... and he's right.

After a year that has seen the decimation of a few relationships that I thought were impenetrable, I've taken another very small step in putting the most important one right and it seems to be working.

And now I feel a cliche coming on... doesn't every cloud have a silver lining? I have been truly staggered by the outpouring of affection and support I've received from a remarkable group of women, both tangible and virtual. I received a text during a particularly difficult period which read 'friends are the family we choose".

I am very, very lucky (and clever) to have chosen so well... thank you, you know who you are!

And now for something completely different... do you like my milk bottles?

I found these three knocking around a shed, chipped and battered and rather the worse for wear. However, a quick slosh of creamy, milk coloured paint around their insides and I have three perfect Gerbera vases that sing of summer and happier days...


  1. Oh Jus... I noticed your tag says for Lil...does that mean things are getting better? I do so hope so...Thinking of you {{hugs}} from afar!

    Oh and the milk bottles are great, what a brilliant idea!

  2. When we really need support the true friends always reveal themselves. When I got divorced (years ago) I was really surprised by how people I'd assumed were friends behaved when they were tested. There are some good people out there, but it really lifts you when you find out just how good they are doesn't it.

    As for the bottles, lovely finish with the paint.

    X Lisa

  3. Hello dear Jus
    I'm so pleased to hear that you are feeling positive about special relationships for the future. It's fascinating that we think all that tricky stuff about friendships is based in the teenage days - but sometimes all that stuff appears in adult relationships too, doesn't it? Just come to my mind is a quote I read some time ago "People change and forget to tell each other" - so true - and can lead to all kinds of difficult consequences, eh?
    Take care my lovely - stay bright and positive (as you are),
    Denise x

  4. Hello Jus, you are a million miles away from me and we have never met, a friend is someone who always makes you smile…..I don’t think you have ever left me a comment that has not made me smile.

    Have a lovely weekend…..Lou xxx

    PS. Love the bottles!

  5. Well, I am quite certain that I have no idea what has been going on in your life and so can only say general things of the well wishing and good for you variety. I do mean to send you many happy and kind thoughts and hope that you continue to heal and have many lovely days!

    Ooh, and the bottles are fab!

  6. oh Jus, thankyou for such a moving post. I wish the wonders of the world for you & your important relationship & others. I hope life gets easier for you. So glad you have a wonderful group of support around you. love the vases & flowers. Jacs x

  7. This post speaks to me as this has been happening in my life this past year and I have decided to accept the disappointments and cherish the suprises.
    I love what you pack in your suicase - I took far too much ( of the wrong type of clothes !!! )

  8. Hey Jus,

    Love the milk bottles - very Humphrey!

    It's amazing, just when times are at there most tested, you find out who your real friends are and who will go that extra mile for you - the rest are just hanger on's and nobody needs them.

    take care dear blogging friend,

    much love,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I didn't know you were in a rough patch. Here's hoping it gets less rough - it sounds as though it will.

    Pah. You and your summeriness. Your gerberas and bottles are bloomin lovely. Want any mud? Fog? A brown crispy garden perhaps?