just pictures....

a weekend away... and crikey dick, it was needed!

when the street where you're staying has a shed shop on it called 'Flos's this and that', I'm thinking the planets are aligning...

add to this the sight that greets you when you open the front door...

a local chocolate factory...

a days fishing...

secret picnic spots...

beach art...

a bit of lovely...

and the beach... of course, you know you're onto a winner

how's your weekend been?
Edit: I bought... a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and a HEAP of chocolate!


  1. Oh my!
    Our sunny Autumn days here in Blighty are wonderful but your visits to the beach, etc in NZ are truly paradisical !!!
    Hey did you like that? Paradisical - is that a real word??
    Anyway, Aunty, the weekend looks amazing and did you buy things in that fab little shop?
    D x

  2. Crikey dick indeed!!

    I had a wonderful weekend, thank you for asking, but blimey I wish I was in yours.

    Nina xxx

  3. Oh you are a tease, fabulous holiday by the looks of things. Where abouts? It looks familiar but I just can't quite place it.

    As Denise said...did you buy anything???

  4. oh looks likes a lovely weekend. I hope you enjoyed it. I am intrigued too. Did you buy anything from Flo's?!

  5. Where did you learn to say Crikey Dick - sure wasn't on the Isle of Wight !!! Looks lovey there.
    I'm off to Barcelona with Jess on Tuesday Yippee !!!

  6. mmm, perfect kiwi weekend. Lovely pics and nice to see the whanau... i can tell they LOVE having their photo taken.

  7. It looks like heaven to me! xxx