del boy downunder...

Today is a good day...

You see, I've always dreamed of one day having a little shop.
I'd fill it with pretty things and useful things, all with a vintage vibe. There would be a bell above the door and a peeling old cash register. I'd put a comfy chair by the counter so friends could sit, chat and enjoy a cup of tea after browsing.
Until this happy day, I'm opening a little online shop...

I've called it slap and tickle for obvious reasons... and if they're not obvious, well isn't it safe to say that everyone enjoys a little slap and tickle! (Please insert Sid James chortle here)


  1. Oh good luck & if I ever get to NZ & you open your shop then I'd love a browse, cuppa & natter.
    We used to offer coffee to customers in a shoe shop I worked in in Brighton. I know it was just to get them to stay in the shop longer, but while they were seated & trying on shoes, it was nice to give them a coffee!

  2. Way to go Jus! Good luck :-) Now off for a browse...

  3. Hey Hey, great idea for a shop name!Wishing you lots of luck!I enjoy having my online shops! It means I only have to stand out in the cold freezing my backside off on my stall for 1 day a week!Tee Hee!!
    Rachel x

  4. How much are the shoe trees? Eek!

  5. Great name Jus. Already thinking all sorts of thoughts.
    Good luck x

  6. So are you the tickle?? Oooohhhh aaarrrrrh missus!

    What a perfect dream - gosh I could just close my eyes.

    Good luck, warm wishes and all the best.

    Nina xxx

  7. Woopeee!!!!!
    This is as exciting as citing can be !!!!!!!!
    I just popped over for a little slap and tickle (love it!) and what do I find? That some cheeky tickler has already been along and bought the gorgeous green jug/glasses set - blast! I'll have to wait for some other lovely thing to come along.....
    Well done Jus!
    I'm most proud of you indeed,
    And very good luck with it!
    D x

  8. That name is so you! :0) I’m really pleased for you...if one day you do get a shop, can you put my name down to work for you???

    Lou xxx

  9. The shop looks fab! The OH took it a bit too well about me moving next door to you! Never mind.... right I’m off to pack my bags! ;0) xxx

  10. Just in time for my new house! I'll be in frequently to see what goodies you have. (And if anyone ever ships me a table and cabinets, I'll have someplace to put it all.)