parp, parp…

Can you hear me blowing my own trumpet? It's only a tiny trumpet and I promise I don't have a swollen head… but today I did something really, rather nice. I'm only telling you about this because of the warm glow I've got going on at the moment… I want to share, I'd like to thoroughly recommend a thoughtful act flavoured with a hint of surprise and a small sprinkling of largesse, because truly, the intrinsic joy of being really, rather nice for no other reason than, well, being really, rather nice… it's delicious!

Altruism isn't something I normally prescribe to… I'm more of a karmic being as a rule; although I cried like a sap whilst watching 'Pay it Forward' and for a while afterwards the kids and I competed for the title of 'most helpful person in NZ'. This was enlightening actually… kindness through the eyes of a teenager. The PIF wars came to an abrupt end when a claim of 'only half beating up my little brother' was put forward as a worthy act!

And the recipient of all this niceness, well she's a very dear friend who deserves all the good things she's got coming.


  1. Beautiful flowers Jus - did you take this photo?

    I love it...'only half beating up his little brother'...certainly a worthy act in the eyes of a teenager!

    It was a great (but sad) film though wasn't it.

  2. Toot Toot I hear you !
    I cried buckets too - I mean Blimey such a NICE kid !
    Good for you - I had the "Feel Good" factor last week in the carity shop when I helped an elderly Gent find a cravatte & shirt. He later told the manageress that I'd made his day.

  3. Hello! Just found you through Silver Pebble. I LOVE that photo, the colours are gorgeous. Had chortle over the 'half beaten brother', sounds just like my boys,ooh, longer ago than I care to mention! Good luck with shop, Penny

  4. I had to do a double take as the rose looks so amazingly perfect I wondered if it was real - and it is!
    Hey, good for you Aunty Jus - I bet your friend is delighted with your kind deed and I can feel the warm glow all the way over here on the frosty side of the planet!
    I don't know the film and must go search it out!
    Thank you for your lovely kind words over at mine,
    D x

  5. Lovely post Jus....stunning photo.

  6. Hi, so beautiful and pleasant picture.. i really liked..