the office christmas party...

Everyday I try and take stock. Our move to the other side of the world was an impetuous one, it turns out though that New Zealand was spontaneity at it's very, very best.

If you asked me to describe my slice of heaven, then a day's fishing would place highly and this years office celebration was a perfect end to the year. Looking at the photo above I've noticed that as well as fishing, cards, halves of Guiness and horse racing I'm also rather partial to an old boy's cardi...

Oh well, at least I haven't succumbed to lawn bowls, grey plastic shoes and trousers worn far to high... yet!

The catch of the day was a 12lb Snapper although mackerel, terakihi and gurnard were also biting. Look away now if you have a fish aversion...

Also on my heavenly wish list... fish and chips; on a beach, in newspaper on a bus or even on fine china with silver forks, as long as it's fresh, battered and there's malt vinegar and tartare sauce I'm a happy, happy camper, x


  1. Certainly is a slice of heaven and one that I miss, but hey ho I'll be able to enjoy my five weeks of it not long now...

    Glad to see you are still partial to those cardi's ;-)

  2. You can't beat a good battered fish and crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside chip with just the right amount of sprinkled vinegar - mmmmmmm fish 'n' chips.

    Nina xxx

    ps. I don't remember, but you can visit the festive room - anytime. N xxx

  3. lovely. I thought you were at the kitchen sink in the first photo! I thought wow she can fish from her window! I love the antipodean fish & chips. heavenly indeed. What a wonderful impetuous decision. I would love to know more. Have you posted about your moving? x Jacs x

  4. We thought of relocating but didn't as we'd done it a couple of times & it was time to sick, but that looks very tempting ....

  5. As I am also quite partial to an old boy's cardi, I find myself covetous of that greeny the apt words of the whiskey voiced Rod, "You wear it well."
    I love fishing days, though we don't have much opportunity to go out on a boat. Due to our formative geography, the Mr. is a lake man and mostly from the shore. Where as, I am a stream fisher-woman - I like the action.

    Damn, now you have me craving fish and chips!