splash of colour week... 1

Bougainvillea by the pool...

Hurrah! I've managed to get this post in on time, correct day, relevant picture, the lot!

If you want to join in, although you'd have to go some to be as swotty as me, please bash the button or visit Emma at silverpebble (you can buy jewellery too... yum, yum, gobble, yum)


  1. Wonderful colours...none here, all white and crisp and grey.

  2. That is the best blog label I have ever seen ever.

    Bougainvillea? Bougainvillea? By a pool?

    Hold up, I said I'd be positive didn't I?

    That is extremely very beautiful. Yes indeed it is.

    (slopes off grumbling about crispy dead stuff in her garden - grrrbbbrrrllrlzx)

  3. Two more things - I just went over to your shop and there was

    1) a picture of some whipper snapper who was certainly NOT HFW in the RH side bar. You I presume. Are you about twenty or sommat?

    2) There was a picture of someone in their trolleys. Ow my eyes! My eyes! I'm old you know, I can't go looking at things like that. Now I need a lie down.

  4. Love your bouganvillea, such vibrant colours xox

  5. Gold star much deserved I say! Wow you were speedy! And I'm wondering if this is some teasing phrase ..."by the pool" - hah! All pools in this part of blogland are frozen with about 6 inches of ice!! And the ice has cracked our bird bath so it won't hold water and now we've resorted to a tin tray for the birdies :-)
    Have to say - trust you to be wanting one of Mr Bun's gingerbread shapes !!!!
    Sending you starry festive hugs,
    D x

  6. So loved reading your blog. A treasure of a find I shall be back...