summer lovin', had me a blast...

beaches and boats, fishing and falling over, shell rings and singing, murder in the dark and mussels, friends and family, tent pegs and tentacles, love and laughter...

how was your holiday!



  1. Ahh, all that blue sky and sea! Gorgeous!
    I havent attempted Living The Vida Loca but if I did I would have to stand up too!
    There would definetely be bum jiggling involved too! So to speak.
    Rachel x

  2. Oh wonderful! I love the photos and I love that you had so very much fun! yay!
    I'm feeling the need for summertime here in the middle of a British January - you know what I mean only too well, I'm sure.
    So a big hug and thank you for sharing your sunshine with us :-)
    D x

  3. cool pics

    oh you are so lucky! it's like paradise

    btw you will always find G&T's and salted peanuts as well as earl-grey and french fancies at my tea-parties ;o)

    lots of love xxx

    do please send me some of your sunshine


  4. Not as colourful as your holiday but hopefully next year Antigua !

  5. That was just what I needed! It has been raining all day here. It looks like your Christmas was a lot warmer than mine was.

    Lou xxx

  6. So now not only do you have me envious of your gorgeous holiday but, you also have the entire soundtrack to Grease stuck in my head. Well played!

  7. Oh Joy! How lovely for you. So envious of all that sun. Glad you had a fab time. x Jacs x

  8. Hello again
    Thanks for popping by t'other day! Though the fishing doesn't appeal to my veggie lifestyle, I do love the description of you sitting on the rocks in the early morning - oh bliss! Bring on summer I say!
    D x