life is a minestrone...

and a loaf of homemade bread and an apricot tarte tatin...

It's been a very mixed up bag of nice and nasty in the tiny bit of 2011 experienced so far... the nice completely outweighs the nasty so I'm taking that as an omen; a sign that my spidey senses, which promised an auspicious 12 months, aren't totally off.

I didn't bother with resolutions this year... instead I'm awarding each month with it's own goal. January is all about order and organisation, so far, so do-able. I'm hoping that by doing all the crappy clutterbug jobs early in the year I'll be able to devote June to hedonism and sloth. Actually, my lifestyle detox is leaving me feeling rather jolly; I'm a massive fan of the list and such a concerted effort to erase a few lines is making my heart sing...

Today a tidy cutlery drawer... tomorrow world domination!


  1. the soup looks wonderful, love to try it

  2. From cutlery draw to world domination - I like your plan....a lot!

    Have fun,

    Nina xxx

    ps. how's the sun burn - is it peeling?? Darn your topsy turvy - gorgeous - weather!

  3. Hello Jus, I misread your title at first, thought it said 'life is a milestone'! Bit tired as I was up early doing a tabletop sale!
    It all looks delicious and I haven't had my lunch yet!June sounds like a good month to me! I am enjoying Jan so far to despite lots of things breaking down! I feel very optimistic about this year!I have yet to tackle my cutlery drawer, but I did do our bedroom yesterday!
    Rachel x
    I wish I had spidey senses!

  4. something about January & clutter clearing/ organisation isn't there! I have pulled everything down from our loft, resorted and getting rid of 2-3 bags of jumble. This in the hope that I can shift some energy & get my bounce back! 2 more lofts to go then onto the rest of the house. Ha. By june I may be needing a sloth break!
    And darn you for posting food pics at this time of night. Off to raid the fridge! Jacs x

  5. I like your philosophy !
    I had to ask Jess what a Noogie was so she did one on me - OUCH !
    That soup I made is dangerous to the Ozone layer & the future of Mankind ( if you know what I mean ) Yours looks yum.
    ( I love your phrase sex on a stick - made me giggle ) xx

  6. Hi! New to you! Found you through 'The Hen House'. Think I'll stick around and learn make a good soup!

  7. Well, this is nice finding your blog. After reading all your goings on I have forgotten how I got here, but am glad I did. I will be back. Ann x

  8. Churrr Bro!

    i am booking lunch at yours today :o)

    see ya!