talking like a tourist...

So as part of January's 'order and organisation' goal I thought I'd clear out my Flickr account. I can't think of a nicer way to spend a blustery afternoon than sitting wrapped in a blanket sifting through images of sunnier times...
I took these pictures a while back; as I was wandering along the sand a swarm of excited children rushed passed me on their way to the kayaks and it started me thinking about the first time I discovered my 'go to' beach.
I remember thinking the picture frame was a bit naff until I looked through it...
I remember sitting on the rocks with three super excited children scanning the waves for dolphins...
I remember asking Slap to pinch me (which he did rather a little too exuberantly for my liking)...
Ten years later with a mortgage, a job, school runs and supermarket shopping under my belt, I'm still able to drag back that 'holiday' feeling every time I take my shoes off to paddle.



  1. Hey, "Noogie-woman" (sing that to the music of Neil Diamond's Kentucky Woman)!

    What a beautiful part of the world you live in! Beautiful photographs, I love the idea of the frame perfectly placed for a wonderful viewing opportunity.

    'scanning the waves for dolphins....' how dreamy!

    I'll be back later for a proper look round your blog, but bye for now.....

  2. Beautiful! The light in those photos is amazing...

  3. Bliss indeed from where I'm sitting at the moment dreaming of hazy lazy summer days.


  4. Not sure if I ike that frame but I do like your photos. You are living the dream !

  5. Wonderful Bliss! Make sure you have some time off so we can sit and enjoy the bliss together! :-)

  6. That frame is particularly conderful! Just the kind of photos to cheer us here in the north. Thanks!

  7. that looks more then wonderful...guess I need some more time on the beach