january roundup...

Well, January is coming to an end; so how ordered and organized have I become?

Surprisingly I've done quite well… I say surprisingly as my track record with resolutions is pretty poor. I haven't cleared my list completely but the yuckier jobs have been ticked off and I've designated one remaining job to each month for the rest of the year which allows for alot of procrastination should the need arise (it will, of that you can be sure).

So with clean and ordered shelves;


(here's a close up especially for the divine dancing bun)


a folded, contained fabric stash; a sparkling pool; a manageable paper trail;
and a pantry that has been exorcised (it used to behave like a landlocked Bermuda Triangle);

I am striding towards February with a spring in my step… work it baby!


  1. Well you are doing a lot better than me! January seems to have been a right off. Still there is always the rest of the year to get things done.

  2. Oh yeah, oh yeah!!

    I so love neat and orderly, but actually live with mess and chaos - so loving your shelves Jus.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Nina xxx

  3. lovely bright, fresh pics, just what we need here. Thank you.
    T X

  4. Your shelves are gorgeous with all that organized stuff. You have made me envious with your use of the word 'pantry' Bermuda Triangle or no. I am in awe of a manageable paper trail...can't see that happening in the near future over here.
    Well done you, I say celebrate with a G & T!

  5. Please come and get me sorted too, especially if we can eat heart shaped pasta once we've cleaned and arranged.


  6. love,love your kitchen

    have a good weekend and guess I should do some cleaning & co on monday

  7. i am full of are waaay ahead of me.

    i absolutely love love love these pics too.

    would love to pop round and visit your cosy, sunny home :)



  8. looking good in the beach hut ! aww heart shaped pasta that's cute !

  9. Haven’t you done well missy! Those shelves look fab........
    Keep up the good work.

    Lou xxx

  10. Own it!

    Erm, that's terrible tidy Mrs and might I add, extremely beautiful. The lot of it.