treasure hunting...

I love this photo (although Flickr obviously doesn't because it keep getting deleted); I'd keep it if the kids didn't think it was slightly creepy. As a talking point it's great, visitors always ask why this takes pride of place whilst my own childhood family portrait is hidden in the bookshelf... don't judge me, you don't know my family!
I mean, it is what it is, an old, slightly shabby photo of three smiling children sporting rather dodgy haircuts and hand knitted jumpers. The frame is a tawdry gold and white and it bulges slightly at the back, unfortunately there isn't a treasure map or family fortune tucked behind, I checked.

I'm going to sell this, and I'm really hoping that whomever buys it won't mind my asking why?


  1. Hi Jus
    Just caught up with your fantastic summer posts. Your photos are stunning. You are a clever woman indeed.Thanks for you kind comments and bloggy visits. I love your shelves. I managed to pick up a stunning Poole dish in Warkworth the other day to match one I already have and I love it. It would look great on your shelf. Enjoy the sunny days...

  2. Thanks a lot….you are going to make me look strange now. But there is something about it that I love…..I think it’s the fact that it almost takes you back to your own childhood. Anyhow I do like it,creepy as it may be.

    Lou xxx

  3. we would have some fun going to the fleamarket together..

  4. Our kids generation have no stamina for the odd, mine were terrified when I showed them the black & white version of that totally odd Black & White Minstrels Show. Me - I like that picture, they look happy in a frozen you will stand there kind of way. Don't know that I would want to see it every day though.


  5. I love the dodgy haircut comment. I think it's great! I really like the frame. I like the details at the corners! I love your blog! I hope you are well. It's really cold in Texas this evening! I was wearing shorts yesterday and tomorrow we may break a cold weather record. Crazy Houston weather! Thank you for visiting my blog again. :) Hugs, Heather

  6. I like it! It would be one of those things I would pick up at a sale and bring home and then my Mr. would make a face and shake his head at me in that 'my wife is a nutter' kind of way.
    I'm just imagining the person behind the camera saying, "Now you three, go over to that clump of dead grass and dirt mounds. Johnny and Sally, on your knees, and Timmy - you stand holding the football awkwardly please - nice. Now all you look over at your uncle Larry and say 'cheese!'"