a bargain butterfly

Are you a goldy or a silvery?
I've always been a silvery lover, in fact I don't think I own any yellow jewellery at all, even my wedding ring is white gold...

This little bit of lovely was only $2 from the local charity treasure trove; it literally fluttered from under the counter glass and landed on my chest, and there it has stayed.

Even more importantly, taking a photo from this angle allows you to seek and destroy any of those bizarrely lengthy facial hairs that sprout when you're forty.

Come on admit it... you know what I'm talking about!

Edit: Yikes, I feel like I'm advertising under false pretences!
Thank you for your birthday wishes but actually it's not my birthday yet, in fact my next birthday will see me closer to mid forties than early.
Having said that I have just bought myself the most incredible present (obviously not for my birthday, please see above).
Here's a clue...
she's a Beauty, and I'm hOpelessly in love, i've called her nAna and slap isn't Talking to me because i used the electric money....
Good times, x


  1. Very stylish blog you have 'ere missus. I like a lot. Not a goldy liker though. Wouldn't say no to a few bars in my secure bank vault, but not on my bodY.

    Have you been looking at my chin lately then? I find tying it all together with a pretty pink ribbon makes it all quite discreet.


  2. Oh wow your 40th birthday eve!!! Woo hoo, got any wonderful plans for the big day? I hope whatever you do you have a great time doing it. Oh and I'd be lying if I said I have no idea what you are talking about!! Stupid middle age.

  3. Hairs on my chinny chin chin? I don't know what you are talking about! ;-) Cute butterfly necklace

  4. I cant think what you mean dahling! Of course I don't own a pair of tweezers... My daughter inoccently told me I had toes like daddys because they had hair on. Thanks. wasn't feeling tricky about this being in 40s thing at all! happy birthday when ever it is. I am a yr ahead of you, had mahusive party last Jan. I can report its actually OK this side!
    Your blog is looking gorgeous. Will be trawling it for layout design inspiration! Jacs x

  5. Silvery.....for sure.

    Do love that flutterby though.

    Have a fab weekend,

    Nina x

  6. I'm a silver ( or white gold ) girl now. Was a goldie when younger.
    Funny that we should both know lorry drivers called Walter !