Calling all cheesemakers

This has been a bumper treasure hunting week!
Beautiful enamel bowls in pretty shades of cream and green, a buttery yellow swing jacket, a heidi blouse and Hornsea pottery.


The piece de resistance though is... a floating dairy thermometer
Still in it's original packaging, this must have been a serious bit of kit for Mary from the Dairy. When I first spied it the words stamped on the box put me off a little. Doesn't Mercury Dairy Thermometer make you think of cows bums too?

I'm popping my precious in the shop today... please note I've changed the name of my tiny emporium. I had a couple of visits from a strange man who must have typed slap and tickle into his search engine for reasons other than vintage homewares... hmmm!

On a happier note I've been keeping my strength up with meals from another of my bumper hauls... Jamie's Italy... bellissimo!




  1. I'm feeling a bit left out not being able to bid on those lovely bowls, ah well probably for the best concerning my marital happiness and the spending on what he thinks are "unnecessary" items. Now for that dairy thinger, I do like my milk at just the right temperature!

  2. OK. I need to talk Heidi blouse. What size? How do I email you? How many of my English pennies?

  3. It must be said those enamel bowls are just to die for. And yes my first thought about the thermometer was cow's bum too.

  4. I collect and use enamel bowls, I have a brilliant lidded enamel roaster. I love the heidi blouse and yellow/mustard is one of my favourite colours, and yes there are some weirdo's out there!!

  5. Hello lovely....i'm loving all of your treasure....and as for those bowls, I nearly wet myself with excitement.

    Lou xxx

  6. Loving all your treasures and photographs, am now a follower!

  7. yummy looking psta. That is funny about slap & tickleeven if it's a pain for you ! Speaking of pain that themometer ....!