a fuller figure...

Hellooooo February!

With January's goals going better than expected, I'm hoping to keep momentum up and sort out my wobbly bits and my bank balance...

"Back up the truck", I hear you roar, (sorry, a newly learnt colloquialism that I've been dying to fit into a sentence), "your figure and your finances... are you mad?"

Actually, I'm quite excited about the coming month. At long, long last the opportunity has arisen for me to put my love of all things real estate to good use, I'm doing a Sarah Beeny! We've decided to renovate the beach hut, sell and then go again with a couple of quick do up's back to back. Although we're not new to the property development market (the beach hut is house #9 already) properly project managing the jobs with deadlines and budgets will be a little different from the suck it and see approach I've used up until now.

Watch this space...


As for my expanding waistline; I'm sort of hoping that the demands of a 'developing' life will take their toll and the weight will fall off. Although knowing my luck I'll probably just end up with a builders bum.

Oh well, if all else fails I'll just have to manage my cake intake a little more stringently, up the level of edame bean consumption and occasionally try and break a sweat on the beach... happy days!


  1. Sounds exciting Jus! Where to next I wonder?

  2. oooh my. a couple back to back. Are you Mad? (thought I'd use your own phrase back to you) Goodness that sounds like fun/hard work. We are nearly finished our build & I have no intention of going anywhere for a bit!
    Lovin the 'back up the truck' phrase. Will endeavour to shoe horn it into conversation today!
    Jacs x
    ps, would love to buy your house! Bit of a challenge as to how to make a living in NZ.

  3. Wow, how exciting and crazy! What new adventure awaits?

  4. I made the soup..really good,thanks