A banana and fig day

The veggie plot is newly staked and almost weed free. Tomatoes glisten after their watering and the smell of basil in the late afternoon sun is overwhelming. Autumn means everything has become a little overblown; it feels like time to start cutting back and hunkering down.

Little veggie patch

I cut a few banana leaves to liven up this evening’s dinner table and as my day in the garden draws to an end I rub my aching back and head for the shower.

The banana tree

An unexpected but much loved guest pops in with a gift of figs, fresh from her garden. We can’t help but eat them straight way. Creamy, slightly salted Havarti cheese, toasted ciabatta and juicy figs, heaven food. I manage to stretch the Thai Chicken Curry a little further and Alfie cuts me an extra leaf. He thinks I’m bonkers, but the table looks pretty.

Fresh figs

The figs reappear accompanied by glasses of my favourite dessert wine and we sit outside until the autumnal chill in the air becomes uncomfortable. The washing up can wait; I boil the kettle and hunt for the hot water bottles stored away last spring. I climb into bed, warm, tired and content. A cup of tea and a bedtime story; a good day.


  1. I still find this topsy turvy world we live in weird. As we start to gently move into Spring, you are ever so slowly shifting into Autumn.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  2. Please come and help me with my allotment? Like Nina said its strange to think we are heading into spring.

    Some how I have missed some of your posts, never mind...that means I can sit here longer now and enjoy your beautiful posts.

    Lou xxx

  3. Oh, that all sounds too lovely for words! I am fighting back my envy as I watch the skies open up and dump cats and dogs again. I love your photos too!