I'm packing for an overnight trip to Wellington... there are op shops and vintage emporiums who are closing up for the evening still blissfully unaware that I have them in my sights!

Lily and I are doing the girlie/ shopping/ retauranting thing to celebrate her 20th... which means I have a daughter of 20, WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!!!

I'll be back with photo evidence soon, until then I leave you with Alfie and me riding the waves on Nana. My 13 year old had his first driving lesson... we ran aground, we laughed our heads off, I swallowed rather a lot of water when Alf went into forward gear rather than neutral and took off towards open sea with me hanging on for dear life, he laughed his head off... a jolly good time was had by all.



  1. Yeahhhh...they do insist on growing up whether we like the idea or not, darn it. The boat looks like a lot of fun! Enjoy your overnight trip...sounds like a blast =-)

  2. I do love a spot of 'jolly good fun' - glad you got on to the water...eventually.

    Nina xx

  3. My idea of heaven, a bright sunny day and messing about in my own boat, oh if only......
    Have a great time.
    T x

  4. Damn! 20? you don't look old enough! were you a child bride? Enjoy your trip. Jacs x

  5. Sounds like a great time!
    How was the shopping, Aunty?
    Happy birthday to your darling girl - I bet you look more like sisters!
    D x