My happy place...

I've been thinking about blogging; pictures of op shop treasures, tasty dinners and boat trips seem silly and careless after the events of the last week but these things are me. They're not important, I know that, but they are the things that make the hurdles seem smaller. Planet Blog is my happy place, a cheap, friendly, comfy world that I always look forward to visiting.


I received a text on Friday evening, asking if I was keen to 'rumble in the jumble'; I smiled all through dinner.
As a self-proclaimed junkaholic, nothing excites me more than a morning spent bumping elbows with fellow treasure hunters... and man, we are one motley crew.

Jostling their way to the front of every queue are the stern looking dealers. Behind them, tiny asian ladies grip their enormous carrier bags and bewildered bedheads mill around the edges. Island families show up early with deck chairs, picnic baskets and taupaulins in case of rain; now that's how you work a queue.
A sunny yellow lid peeks through a box of old jam jars and the 7am start this morning is suddenly worth it. After a good scrub this cast iron pot will be cooking up a ratouille storm; along with lemon, garlic and thyme lamb chops hot off the barbie with ciabatta for dunking, sounds like dinner.


On the way home I stop at the Farmers Market where nectarines, plums, sweetcorn and avocado's are piled high. This is a chi chi part of town where the crowd are more yoga pants than gumboots but the prices are low and the produce is as fresh as it comes. No one even notices my bad hair day...


I take the beach road home. A calm sea could tempt me away from weekend chores but wind and white tops mean mopped floors and a full washing line.


Let's hope the fish are still biting tomorrow...


  1. Lovely post and also very true. The little things aren't less important just because big things happen too.

  2. Glad to see you can still find some beauty in between all the sadness and destruction. These things seem trivial at the time, but normality is so important! N.Z is much in my mind at the moment. xx

  3. Little things are bigger than they seem, if that makes any sense at all. The smallest things can be a comfort is what i am trying to say.

    Just discovered your blog via Tabiboo and very glad to have done so!

  4. Hello my lovely :-)
    It's all part of our feeling for humanity that makes us slightly embarrassed about the little everyday, trivial things when such huge shocking events have happened. But remember, that all those who've suffered would be so glad to have one brief hour of inconsequential trivial daily life ... all the more reason for us to embrace the everyday and be glad for it, eh?
    Take care, dear Jus,
    D x

  5. Beautiful post! I’ve never been fishing, my Nan and Grandad loved it.

    enjoy the rest of the week, Lou xxx

  6. I still find it very weird to be interacting - via the blog - with many different people all over the world...warts and all.

    Present company excluded that is - unless you do which.....is ok with me.

    It's always the simple yet beautiful that pulls me in.

    take care and I'm saving that tangy for Mr T just so I can wet myself - laughing! N xxxx

  7. Oh yes, small things have never BEEN more important. This makes my heart sing.