Tattoo me silly...

I'm sitting at the computer, bottom lip trembling. My beautiful, arty-farty friend has just posted photo's of the henna party I was too sick to attend.
Does this happen to you too?
The prettiest party in town takes place the one day a year I'm poorly. I'm sharing the pictures... we can sigh together.


My email box is pinging, somebody wants to get friendly on Facebook. I have only just started using this properly. I've had an account for ages but I use it to play farms; it's a lot less sweaty than gardening.
Now I've made a page where I can celebrate my lack of an inner monologue.

If you're a lover of beautiful crockery then please pay a visit to the delightful Fancy Vintage blog. This is a woman who knows how to drink her tea... from a golden teapot no less!


  1. My bottom lip was trembling when my Mum forgot to pack my wellies…. I couldn’t play out in the snow. I was 4 at the time! I’ve never got over it.
    I wish I could have gone…….

    Lou xxx

  2. Too ill to go to the party. How terrible. I hope you were well looked after and pampered at home. You could always have a little go on your own now with a sharpie. Go on I dare you!

  3. What a bummer. I'd like to go to a Henna party !

  4. Oh now I want to go to a party just like that !
    I hope you have a lovely and colourful weekend :-)

  5. oh Cinderella that is just too bad! What a great idea for a party. Jacs x