Ways with old patterns...

Fossicking (fossicking, excellent word) through the craft supplies at today's op shop of choice I pick up a pattern for a nurses outfit. I'm sure, in a faded floral or a deckchair stripe, even this outfit could flatter, but I'm buying it for other uses.

Old pattern paper has a myriad of uses, I wrap the red rose napkins and two boxed linens ready for the post office. As I fruitlessly search the bottomless kitchen drawer for string I think WOOL! Tie on my 'hot off the press' tags and a quick brown paper coat, more Vintage Tickle ready for the off.



Just like a bear hunt my route leads me first to the post office, then through the bakery and eventually into the sea. My latte has cooled off by now and I sip whilst paddling. I fill the empty cup with shell rings to add to my jar and wander home.


  1. 'Oh yeah' nurses outfit 'eh' - say no more!!!! - Carry on Matron.

    Have a beautiful day,

    Nina xxx

  2. What a busy bee ...... sounds rather blissful though. x