Choo Choo... there goes my bathroom

I'm knee deep in a bathroom renovation that feels a bit like I've jumped aboard a runaway train. The job description for Project Manager should really just read 'experience coralling cats would be helpful'
I'm not sure if a collective noun for a group of different tradesmen exists, personally I like to call my band of men a 'tutting' or a 'teabreak', both activities of which they are all inordinately fond!
It's been a while since I frittered away an afternoon with my favourite set of brushes although I can now boast to being a dab hand with a paint roller and a tin of pigmented sealer.

Bathnight... 5 days and counting!


  1. Renovations are oh, so "fun"...=-/ But the satisfaction that comes afterward is so worth it, I think. Luckily my kitchen reno is being done in my part-time house on the other side of the continent so when I get back there in a couple of weeks and it is finished I will just enjoy the good parts! I am so excited to see it, and to see that groovy "new" old sink! Your new bath will be so wonderful!! Love the photo of your brushes patiently waiting for you, BTW =-)

  2. Forgot to say: I absolutely LOOOOOOVE that paint color!!! Wow! =-)

  3. That blue is happiness in a tin...gorgeous!

  4. I'm sure it will be worth it when finished, just make sure you have time to enjoy it! Ours is still very much in the 'thinking about' stage...mind you has been that stage for about eleven years now! ;-D

  5. I've always thought of a mutter of tradesmen. But I think a teabreak is much more apt!

  6. Renovations - I love the idea, but the reality 'yuk' I feel like my home becomes dominated.

    So counting down to bath night - does that mean you're just going without, saving yourself for that first dip?

    Have fun,

    Nina xxx

  7. Love, love love the paint color you have chosen! Just like a Tiffany jewellery box! And it's the same color I chose for my new bathroom!
    Oh Jus...Enjoy! Love Kelly xxx

  8. Love your paint colour Jus! I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end!
    Rachel x

  9. You are more than welcome to come and have a bath at our house! I'm looking forward to seeing it all done. I love the colour...

    Lou xxx

  10. Yes, I am too finding that color just happy as can be. Right now I am imagining an ocean I dipped in once that was nearly that color...
    oops got lost in memories there for a minute, hope you will show the 'Ta Da' when it's done.