A fashionably rainy day

hot salty sweet popcorn

Today sees a real turn in the weather. Dark clouds loom overhead and the weatherman warns of a stormy weekend.I pop a whole bucket of corn and liberally sprinkle chilli salt and icing sugar; don't knock it 'til you try it, there is something scarily moreish about this hot, sweet, salty combo. We settle down to a cinematic afternoon of DVD's and snacking whilst the wind rages outside. A break in the clouds lets me rush around the garden gathering tools, washing and tennis racquets forgotten in yesterdays sunshine. Unfortunately, the just raked leaves have escaped their tidy piles and are once again a swirling, crunchy carpet.

a break in the clouds

With the cat hot on my heels I make it back inside just as the heavens open, not that it matters. An enjoyable film, goodie bowls and a blanket mean I won't be venturing out again for a while.

goodie bowls

Saturday night and it's my first real excuse to dress up this year. Does that sound a little sad? It makes me think that I should forgo the excuses and occasionally vacuum in killer heels. We attend a fashion show as part of NZ Fashion week and although the models are easy on the eye, the real entertainment is to be seen in the audience. Free champagne, a smattering of Auckland's beautiful people, a slightly creepy paparazzi, infrequent finger food and badly signposted toilet facilities makes for real theatre.

my favourite blankie

Sunday pottering becomes a relocation exercise when Olli asks to switch bedrooms. I grunt and heave at an old welsh dresser before realising my teenage removal man has wandered off on his fifth teabreak of the morning. Eventually the hardwork is completed and I settle down to a few happy hours of sorting through old drawers and piles of boxes and paperwork until my new office/studio/stock room emerges.

the first hyacinth this year


  1. Funny how they do that!

    Pouring down with rain here this morning. Have to take dog to the vet this morning for his check up after his accident. Oh the excitement!

  2. Busy busy lady. I think I need a blankie and film day. All I had for mothers day on Sunday was a vomiting 3 yr old and a house that resembles a squat I once knew!

  3. Such a glamorous life.....killer heels and hovvering - now you've got me day dreaming. N x

  4. Oh the fashion show sounds fabulous. Makes sure you take tons of photos. Also of you vacuuming in killer heels! I feel a kitchy 1950's photo shoot coming on...I hope you own a negligee?
    Jacs xx

  5. Mmmmmmm...that bowl of popcorn...Yummy!

  6. If I were to wear killer heels whilst hoovering, there would no doubt be a terrible accident involving a vacuum cord, a freaked out cat, and a maimed ankle. I would like to take up some corn, watch a movie and drape myself in a blanket though.

  7. I hope you had fun in your killer heels! I can't remember the last time I wore a pair of heels, now that is sad. :0(

    Lou xxx