Teacosies and pom pom's

I'm spending the day taking photo's and filling up my little shops shelves.
Can't think of a nicer way to spend the day really... maybe just a walk later and a large roast dinner, not cooked by me!
hope you're having a wonderful weekend too, x


  1. Love that blue and yellow together. Bet they'd look great as a bonnet on the right loon if they were missing a teapot. Glad you're having a great day and a roast cooked by someone else - wonderful. We keep hinting where ever we go, but no one offers.


  2. Oh such pom pom loveliness!
    I am having a roast made by someone else too! My hubby!
    Enjoy yours!
    Rachel x

  3. Tea cosies always remind me of my grannies - such a comforting thought.

    Hope you get your roast and have a fab weekend too,

    Nina x

  4. I have a friend who wears a hat just like the first one !