One for all, and all for one!

John Lennon said, ‘Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans’. What a properly, clever bloke!

Whilst I’ve been focusing hard on little clumps of time, the atmosphere has been filling with all sorts of big stuff and last weekend the heavens opened!
I’d only just got my head around a 4 day job fix when I got a bloomin’ offer. Unbelievably, blogging helped the interview process as the position is within IT and my new boss needs someone who can feel her way around a web page. It’s a fantastically exciting, challenging and frankly, a pant wetting career move. It’s also full time, in the city and requires high heels, posh frocks and make up…YIKES!
This should be enough, shouldn’t it? I thought so; however the same inbox that held the job offer also threw out an invitation to appear in a new British craft magazine… I KNOW!

A rather lovely lady spotted a photo of my shelves and has asked to put it in Mollie Makes. How cool is that… of course there’s a very good chance that it’ll hit the cutting room floor, but Crikey Dick, I am seriously flattered. The upshot of all this is I’m coming home and will be posting in the Beach Hut once again as my 4 day fixes have proved so successful that I won’t have a great deal of time to blog about them daily. I’m amalgamating. I’m still changing, but perhaps a little more slowly as I’m a bit of a whirly gig at present.

Here's a sneaky peek...!

beach hut kitchen


  1. High heels! Make up! Oh my.

    Here's hoping you don't hit the cutting room floor - your shelves are so pretty.

    Nina xxx

  2. Hooray! For all the good stuff. The magazine is great, your shelves will fit right in!
    Best of luck with the new job! I dare say I wouldn't last long at a job in high heels, I tend to trip.
    Oh, and welcome back to the beach hut!

  3. Congratulations on all!
    Do I spy an English picture on the wall??
    Good luck with the high heels!
    T x