High Heel Heaven

So a whole week has passed... a whole week of heels, coffee to go and early morning bus rides, I love it! I skip along Queen St to my new theme tune. Guess, go on have a guess... can you guess what it is?

'Working 9 to 5' of course. I tried Sheena Easton's version but the train bit put me off so it's all about the divine Miss Dolly.
In my new high powered, big hair and shoulder pads role I've noticed that there is definitely an odd power attached to a high heel...
On my 3" black leather boot days I'm really rather assertive, slapping my thigh and booming "Thank you Driver" as I stride from the bus. In my strappy red stiletto's I'm very Barbara Windsor, all giggles and eyelash fluttering and it's only a matter of time until my bra pings off! My favourite day so far has been my shiny Flamenco shoes. I stand infront of the microwave whilst my soup warms up and I tap my heels very fast and swish my skirt... awesome!

Today's little beauties are not the most comfortable footwear I grant you, but did you spot the bright pink soles. Worth every bunion!


  1. I can so see you in your new role, high heels, power shoulder pads striding along with a coffee in one hand and blackberry in the other.

    I couldn't do it - not any more - my feet hurt even with a slight incline of the heel. Boo hoo!

    Have fun 'Working Girl'

    Nina xxx

  2. I am loving your posts ...... keep them coming ..... thank you. x

  3. Ooooh Nice shoes!
    I have heel envy...
    Nattie x

  4. LOL, laughing at you and just imagining! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself.

    ....are you sure you aren't working on K Rd? ;-D High heels.....

  5. Oh I miss you when you're away being a power babe as you make me hoot. WIth laughter, not get all owly or anything. What heels. Oh I wish I could. I have done them in the past and even sealed the deal with Mr Bun in a killer pair of 4" platforms with a tiny ankle strap. SOmehow at 6ft 1" I always end up feeling like a drag queen. Now to feel like a vamp a vixen or a divine dolly sounds just perfect. Keep on having fun.